Financial Services

ProOne Consulting AB supports your strategic business projects and offers hands-on CFO-support.

ProOne Consulting AB has an overall goal to increase profitability and create a business environment where continuous change management and process improvements will be managed by your organization. Change management should be a part of your day-to-day operations and you will be prepared if sudden changes occur.

ProOne Consulting AB focus on finance strategies, organizations and processes. It is essential to have a genuine commercial mindset among financial staff to secure profitable business growth and you will facilitate M&A activities or other ownership changes.

ProOne Consulting AB analyzes declining gross margins and how to optimize revenues as well as cost savings. We review reporting quality and if there is a need to speed up the budget.

ProOne Consulting AB guides you within the financing and investment area to ensure you have full control and optimize your capital allocation.

Our financial advisory services are ruled by our business strategy, i.e.

Focus on simplicity in your business PROCESSES and you will increase customer satisfaction and company value. Create new OPPORTUNITIES to reduce costs and improve cash flows. Establish a better foundation and NEW ENERGY to grow!