Our advisory services

ProOne Consulting AB has an overall goal to support businesses and create a business environment with continuous change management and process improvements. Change management should be a part of your operations and you will be better prepared if sudden changes occur.

ProOne Consulting AB focus on outcomes by setting bounded targets, measure progress against the targets and finally link incentives to the achievement of the targets. You should celebrate successes but also acknowledge mistakes. What gets measured gets treasured!

ProOne Consulting AB offers objective analyzes and supports you with day-to-day business projects as well as evaluating strategic business goals. We analyze current products and services as well focus on the ”big picture” with a rapidly changing environment and customer demands.

Our management and financial advisory services are ruled by our business strategy, i.e.

  • Focus on simplicity in your business PROCESSES and you will increase customer satisfaction and company value.
  • Create new OPPORTUNITIES to reduce costs and improve cash flows.
  • Establish a better foundation and NEW ENERGY to grow!